Unemployed and Blogging: Again for Both

It’s taken me a while to decide where to begin — or, rather, begin again, since this is my return to blogging (and writing in general) after a long hiatus. I had been writing for a few years about virtually anything that interested me, breaking the “rule” about blogging and being consistently topical; too myopic for my thinking.

After my intercontinental move, though, I had less to say about the world around me and too much to say about myself which, frankly, wasn’t all that interesting. In fact, it’s rare that I find a personal blog to be as interesting as I’m sure the author thinks it is.

In any event, this new blog has been sitting dormant since I created it in a fit of inspiration — one of many I’ve had since I moved here and, in particular, since I’ve been let go from the only full-time job I managed to secure after 3 years and nearly 250 applications sent.

I know this number because I have separate folders in my email client where I’ve saved each one, as well as the rejection I’ve received.

Like many, I have been suffering anxiety and a sense of hope/helplessness as the weeks roll by and as money gets tighter; in light of my situation and given the current zeitgeist (a word I like and will probably overuse) of fear and uncertainty I am making a (probably not surprising) return to blogging.

In the time between when I was “made redundant” and right now a lot has certainly happened — in particular, the abstraction of value expressed in billions of dollars. While almost inconceivable in terms of a physical reality (i.e. what would all that cash look like and has anyone ever seen it?), it has become a part of everyday conversation as corporate entities cry poverty to the United States government. People have been losing their jobs, their homes and, in some cases, everything else while money is being thrown to companies that have been determined to be “too big to fail.” The advice being doled (no pun) out is to go out and buy more stuff — the very behavior that can arguably be called the thing that started the problems in the first place — to prop up the sagging economy. Your political and corporate overlords are apparently missing the glaringly obvious problem with this: an increasing number are just trying to eat, stay relatively healthy and, in most cases, pay mortgages on loans for property that isn’t worth the price paid.

Oh, and there was a big fight at America’s Next Top Model audition.

More later; I have laundry to fold.


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