Arthur Kade: Strange

I still haven’t made up my mind about Arthur Kade.

As strange as that may sound, I’m starting to think he’s a part of a larger viral marketing campaign involving the brands he constantly mentions; or he’s a true Zen master, capable of being completely unaffected by the barrage of insults posted as comments to his self-indulgent posts.

Either way — if he’s having a laugh at his readers’ expense, is behind some not-that-clever marketing campaign or is just the most tolerant narcissist on the planet — he keeps on doing what he does: pimpin’ himself on his site with stories of his busy but banal life. He says he’s on a “journey” to become an actor but seems to spend an inordinate amount of time — which he seems to have now that he’s quit his job — hanging around clubs trying to see and be seen, documenting the whole evening with a plethora of photos (mostly of himself).

The regulars who leave the acerbic comments to his posts routinely berate him for wasting his time — yet they, the people who comment, seem to have plenty of their own time to think up song parodies and limericks about Arthur, and even cross-post Kade’s content on other blogs to further comment on it.

I can’t really make it all the way through his posts, since they are poorly written and the subject — observations on the world as it relates to Arthur — is not all that interesting; rather, it’s the comments that made me chuckle.

I will give him — whoever he is — a little credit: he is persistent.


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