Cause and Effect

In my first post to my (latest) blog I tried to set the overall tone of what I’ll be writing about, and why: like millions of others, I was unemployed and needed to both express my thoughts as well as receive validation — as most bloggers do — for my contribution, no matter how inconsequential.

Not long after that post I interviewed for a job. I thought the meeting went very well, but I didn’t hear anything for nearly a week. Naturally, I was disappointed because I liked both the position offered as well as the two people with whom I’d met; I thought we’d all gotten along well and had a similar approach to work.

Just when I’d resigned myself to the idea that I wouldn’t be hearing anything, I got an offer last Friday and tomorrow we meet to talk about work going forward (although I won’t officially be starting until next week).

I was thinking how, in the current climate of fear and uncertainty, many people are talking about jobs with much more reverence than I can remember. In the past, talking about what you did for work was part of an introduction you made or a (semi-)definition of who you are; now, though, it’s more like an expression that you will survive, that you can take care of your family.

It seems like it’s less a cause for lifestyle but more an effect of pursuit.


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