Down n’ Dirty

This morning I changed my meditation practice: I sat on a rolled-up mat on a concrete floor in half-lotus position, eyes half-way closed and faced a brick wall. It was not even 6 am, it was cold and the garbage trucks were doing their thing. My back hurt and my ankles hurt.

I think I’m getting somewhere.

  1. Puerhan said:

    That sounds familiar! Takes a fair amount of discipline to get up early and sit down! Wall facing is brilliant though I think. I should do it more often really as typically I face my home alter to meditate. I sometimes get sore legs so I always do stretching exercises before / after / between sittings.

    Nice clean blog btw.


  2. EJO said:

    Despite the pressure of my job and/or lack of a full 8-hour sleep I have remained dedicated to getting up very early and meditating.

    But have I become attached?


  3. Puerhan said:

    Discipline is not attachment. If you find yourself being dogmatic about it and it is having a negative impact on other areas of your life then yes perhaps at that point though!

    I don’t think 8hrs sleep is always necessary. If I am sticking to my ‘normal’ schedule I aim to sleep at 11pm and get up at 5:30am for exercises and meditation, I very rarely feel tired during the day, quite the opposite in fact. And I sleep better also! I think meditation supports your body in many ways, including allowing for deep rest that otherwise might be obtained through sleep.

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