The Sound of One Hand Tweeting

Although I’m not really a hardcore tweeter — or Buddhist — I do find value (and, occasionally, meaning) in both. I recently considered what Brad Warner wrote about some Twitter users who wrote “Dharma Tweets”:

Dharma Tweets are stupid, by the way. They’re not honest expressions of anything, just a ploy to keep folks who follow them hanging on and keep the person who posts them’s name in the public eye. As if you could put anything worthwhile into 140 characters.

I had been thinking that some — certainly not all — of the people I followed offered basically generic feelgood-type posts that really meant nothing. I suppose they mean well, but after a while it seemed like I was reading today’s perky little item from one of those quote-of-the-day desk calendars.

Still, I do like what some people have to say and I was searching for some more people to follow. I found this list which offered some guidance — and, ironically, I found it in Brad’s blog post (you have to read the post to get the irony.

Top Ten Buddhist Twitter Tweeters

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