iPad Zen

Most people would think that being unable to have several tabs/windows/applications open at the same time would be a deal-breaker but I find that, if you’re not into games, the iPad is perfect for focusing on just one thing.

After a day of juggling several projects simultaneously, using at least 6-7 applications, I would come home and, unable to mentally slow down, open up my laptop to continue overloading my tired brain by browsing multiple sites, doing banking, replying to email, etc. But for the past week I’ve been using my new iPad and I find I spend less time jumping from site to site, that I can concentrate on just one thing at a time and that I am not online as much.

If anything, the few apps I have on it are for creating content instead of just consuming it: I started sketching again (after a long hiatus due to lack of physical space) and have been writing more. Doing too many things for too long was literally mind-numbing; I’d fallen into the trap of the continuous feedback loop offered by so many sites in the past few years.

If an OS is supposed to let you jump around from task to task — like your brain does — then the iPad represents the glass-and-silicon equivalent of singular focus.

Yeah, I’m a geek. And proud of it.


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