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With the explosion of so-called social media comes a few ironies: socializing has become redefined to mean you say only things that won’t offend someone, or cast yourself in a negative light to your online “friends”; or you deliberately go out of your way to be as abrasive or abusive as possible — more than you’d be if you were face to face with your target. Blogging as journaling has essentially been replaced with blogging as a traffic-generating (and, theoretically, revenue-generating) platform where there is little room for personal expression. The biggest blogs are owned by huge media companies that employ legions of content generators, some paid a pittance for their efforts and some working for nothing except the “cred” of having contributed to a big name outlet.This is all very intimidating for the average Joe who likes to write but has to be somewhat careful about what he says while trying to think of something interesting to say that will get a few reactions. Personally I’m amazed at how so much drivel gets so much attention when the content has so little substance. I’ve been blogging for about 6 years and instead of writing more I actually write less because in light of the stuff I read my experiences seem trite and insignificant… yet more real than, say, how fat some celebrity is or the top ten of anything. While I’m guilty of reading this stuff to pass the time in this purgatory of unemployment I find it harder to not compare my humble little life to what appears to be an orgy of excess and greed.


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