Books, Buddha and Bullshit

Books that don???t fundamentally help the beginner because they don???t stress the gnosis of pure Mind or the same, Suchness, are books beginners shouldn???t waste their time reading.  Such books generally deal with psychological issues such as shedding egoism and learning to be a selfless, obedient person.  These books often include the subject of being aware.  They also focus on ???just sitting??? meditation which is taught as an end in itself along with being aware of the moment.  These things the Buddha never taught.

I have read a lot of books on Buddhism over the years — and even some of the so-called Buddhist magazines — and I must admit: I’m uncomfortable with all the “mindfulness”, “loving kindness” and “just sitting” that seems to be all too prevalent in modern books and features.

I’m not saying that there’s anything “wrong” with these ideas; I’m suggesting that most of what sells as Buddhist teachings seems a little too warm and fuzzy to actually help anyone break through the conditioned barriers of phenomenal existence, unburden themselves from seeking “happiness” in transitory experiences and realize that what the mind perceives as real isn’t necessarily real.


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