‘Natural Cure for Spiritual Disease’ by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (via Buddhism now)

I think a lot of modern Buddhist texts have fused the methodology of teaching with true Dharma, diluting the essence of Buddha’s teaching by promoting what, on the surface, appears to be a step-by-step guide to practicing Buddhism without leaving the comfort of your current lifestyle.

While I don’t claim to be a pious practitioner (one big reason I blog so infrequently) I am beginning to move away from the glossy presentation of Buddhism so prevalent in many books and magazines claiming to be valuable resources in understanding the teaching.

Natural Cure for Spiritual Disease, by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu Buddha-Dhamma is as vast as the universe and as concise as a moment's flash of insight. Many sentient beings have got lost between the two, unable to resolve through direct personal experience the many teachings available today. Fundamental perspectives are required for us to begin sorting out the multiplicity of experiences and concepts. Here, we offer a clear, direct, and practical guide into the essentials of Buddhism, that is, the Dhamma. Whi … Read More

via Buddhism now


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