Reflections on modern Buddhism (via @mujaku)

…believe that enlightenment will take care of itself if you sit on your  zafu long enough.  You can also join a Zen center and play follow the leader.  Practice being the best of the obedient Zennies at the center.  If you are a teacher teaching to beginners at a Zen center, or writing a book especially for beginners, why bother with studying what the Buddha actually taught?

A sobering but not surprising comment from The Zennist. In fact, I often feel that if I follow what most modern Buddhist texts/blogs/magazines/etc. preach I’m kidding myself: it’s not about “just sitting, doing nothing.” You can be a supervisor on a construction job for that. And it’s not about trying to find 20 minutes of “relaxation” while you (guiltily?) review your Costco shopping list or why no one made a comment to your Facebook quip.

It’s about accepting the root of suffering — craving for transitory relief from the suffering of this corporeal existence — and understanding that there is a path to liberation, to a state that is beyond this life of decay and loss.


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