Raped Buddhist nun’s lost virginity might mean she no longer can serve

Buddhists all over the world adhere to what [Buddha] had laid down: that a person can no longer be considered ordained in case of having a physical relationship. It’s applicable to both men and women.

Since when is gang rape considered a “relationship?” If the definition of virginity for a woman means that she keeps a little flap of skin intact for her entire life — and nothing more — I think even these Buddhists, who are supposed to, above all, renounce attachment to conceptual thinking whist practicing compassion towards all living things, are missing the point.

Apparently Orthodox Buddhism in Kathmandu is to the Four Noble Truths as Fox News is to journalism.

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  1. Selma said:

    This is one of the worst stories I have heard lately. I am angered and saddened at the same time. It ‘s just horrible. I hope this nun is still able to serve. Surely they can’t take that away from her too? I pray all will be well for her.

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