A Barrier Without Doors

…Zen???s barrier that has no door.  We can think of this strange barrier as our psychophysical totality.  Zen leads us to this barrier and invites us to enter.  But we are unable to pass through it because we see nothing else besides our psychophysical totality through which the external, humanized world appears.

Yes, I admit that a part of me is anchored in the ‘humanized’ world of the day-to-day bullshit, as much as I’d like to free myself from it.

My question to you handful of readers is: how can you find liberation from samsara while simultaneously trying to make ends meet, take care of children, work for less than half of what you’re worth and resist the pitfalls that come with realizing that, at middle age, you’ve really spent half your life just passing the time?

Buddha renounced his family to live and teach alone; is that part of passing through the gateless gate?


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