The Real Meaning of 9/11

Christine Lee Hanson, who was two years oldand on her way to Disneyland with her parents when they died together aboardUnited Airlines Flight 175, springs to mind as a perfect example of the sort ofperson al Qaeda made its enemy. Imagine, for a moment, you are Marwanal-Shehhi, the lead hijacker of Flight 175. You see Christine Hanson among thepassengers on the plane you had just hijacked — a two-year-old child, seated onher father’s lap — and you fly the planecarrying this child into the South Tower of the World Trade Center anyway.

It’s a cliche to even say it’s a cliche that the world changed that day — but it did. In fact, I would go so far as to say that no one has really found a way to move on because, just as the events of that day were motivated by thinking –albeit warped and evil thinking — thinking and, to a degree, belief has only dug civilization into a deeper grave with greed, hatred and murder. And make no mistake: “war” is simply a euphemism for murder.

The above quote speaks volumes about murder and the so-called “holy war” because I can’t think of one religion that sanctions the murder of a children — the very future of any society — in the name of whatever teacher or perceived prophet whose teachings it adheres to.

It’s pointless to imagine a world without the legacy of 9/11 — it would be a daydream. But no one won anything in the struggle between two schizophrenic ideologies other than to perpetuate more hatred, isolation and fundamentalist horseshit, the effects of which can be seen everyday in the ongoing pursuit of ephemeral comfort and dominance.


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