Moving beyond human experience

Let???s face it, modern society is decadent and has been so for some time.  In addition, those who run the machinery, i.e., those who hold the reigns of power are, for the most part, corrupt.  The average person seems to forget that the 20th century was the century of genocide and annihilation (if you add the Cold War to this).

Modern religious values are equally decadent.  The modern soul believes that it is privileged to offer its verdict on all religions, moreover, that the goal of religion is to find God, or the absolute (which ever you prefer), in human experience.  We Buddhists already see this in the expression ???everyday Zen??? or ???ordinary Zen??? both of which are really saying: Our human, everyday experience is the Buddhic life.

As usual, @mujaku summarizes my feelings in a succinct and profound way — a way that takes me too long to articulate.


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