On Being a Kid: Part One


What you do when you’re little really doesn’t matter, even though adults will tell you that some things are very important. They’re not; adults are jealous of your uninhibited freedom to follow your bliss — something they’ll pay a fortune to try an remaster later in life when it’s really too late to do so. 

For the most part these will be the best years of your life, but you won’t know this until you’re too old to recapture them. You’ll try by buying lots of superficial distractions, or by indulging in nostalgia; but you can never recapture all the sequential moments of ongoing discovery that you experience in your youth.  

Laugh more and cry less. In time you will find that the things that make you do either will change; for example, when someone dies (when you’re a kid) you won’t cry because loss to you is something temporary, as if you’ve misplaced a favorite toy. And the little things that make you laugh — making the fart sound, a cartoon — are replaced by things that can be part cruel, part crude or part ironic. As a kid you won’t understand any of these yet — especially sarcasm, which can prompt you to laugh or cry, or both.

Eat anything you want. Your body will be able to process almost anything, and you don’t have to worry about being judged by what you put in your mouth, when going out for dinner becomes an exercise in moderation, lest your dinner partner(s) try and assess the degree of your gluttony by what your order.

There’s really nothing to be afraid of in the dark. The scariest things in the world are whatever you can dream up, so what’s scary to you may not be scary to someone else. 

Don’t waste you life, like I did, structuring your dreams around anxiety. Anxiety is part chemical, part imagination so don’t rely on medication — including alcohol or drugs. They may make the discomfort go away for a while but tomorrow you’ll start the cycle all over again.

Is there a God watching over you? Maybe, but probably not in the way they teach you at school, the way you’ll conceptualize for most of your life, if you don’t question it. You’re a part of a bigger thing, bigger than your mind can grasp. It’s not really about right or wrong, but about eliminating concepts to be able to move on to the next realm of existence. Most religions will tether you to following rules in the name of God or morality, but if you can get through this plane of existence without hurting others or yourself while working to wake up to reality, you’ll be OK.


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