Realizing pure Mind

And then one night it happens.  In what seems like a nano sec??ond, the mind you???re search??ing in dis??ap??pears then reappears.  Yet, in that one moment of dis??ap??pear??ance you see some??thing incred??i??ble.  Then some??thing strange begins to hap??pen after??wards, clear light???a mys??te??ri??ous radi??an??cy???begins to engulf you gradually.  For me it grew and grew all through the night.  I had never, in my whole life, expe??ri??enced any??thing like this.  Whoa!  It is as if I saw a lit??tle hole in the fab??ric of the uni??verse and in that hole was pure light.  Yes, pure Mind.  And that was my first encounter with pure Mind.  Much later, anoth??er encounter hap??pened which made the first one seem like kinder??garten stuff.


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