I am a 40-something man living in Australia, and I’m not the asshole you think I am. Really.

This blog includes articles of interest on Buddhism, as well as anything else that might cross my mind. A person, like a blog, should not be confined to talking about just one thing but about many things that influence our lives.

For most of my life I have avoided social situations — and people in general — like the plague.

I am an artist, a thinker, a father, a Buddhist and a displaced New Yorker. I play guitar when I can, I love conspiracy theories and I don’t mind being alone for hours at a time.

This is my unfolding story.

  1. Christy said:

    Wow, if you have gained anything from your practice it’s the knowledge of self. This is a new chapter in your life, so many things to discover and so much yet to do. Will you see it with a different state of mind? only time will tell. I look forward to the unfolding story.

  2. bop2112 said:

    we are cut from the same cloth re; I’m not the asshole you think I am either.
    I’m in New Orleans, La USA.
    Dig your humor and thanks for sharing the wisdom.

    Cheers !

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