The reason I’ve been unable to contribute what I consider anything of substance to any one of the myriad of online soapboxes is because I didn’t feel like an expert in anything. I had no top ten lists, no gadget reviews, no pitches on how to make money in just four hours a week; all I have are my ideas, perceptions and insights — and even those I keep to myself for the most part.

Sure, I am — or was — good at being a designer and, maybe, a writer. But this, the third extended period of unemployment peppered with the relentless rejection from potential employers has left me doubting myself: I don’t know what I can do, really, having been told over and over for years how I wasn’t successful.

And that’s the key phrase, the one that cuts to the bone now. I thought I had a pretty thick skin (it’s a prerequisite for being in a creative field) but for the better part of the past seven years it’s the only phrase I’ve heard more than any other.

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For anyone who’s interested I’ve updated my “About” page with a *gasp* picture of me.

This is a pretty big thing for me, as there are not many pictures of me past the age of 25 in existence. For some reason, the older I got the more camera-shy I became. It’s not a vanity thing; I just don’t like looking at pictures of myself almost as much as I don’t like hearing a recording of my voice.

Like so many things, I guess these quirks are incomprehensible to some but will surely get a few heads nodding in agreement.

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